Wedding Ceremonies

A typical Black Country Wedding

BCC wedding
A typical Black Country style wedding

Speciality Weddings

My speciality is to create a typical ‘Black Country’ style wedding, maybe like a ‘Peaky Blinders’ style for example, complete with anvil and chains using us as your Wedding Celebrant.
A handsfasting with chains? Yes – that’s different!

You can have the wedding of your dreams and totally make it your wedding, as no two weddings should ever be the same.  You choose the location, you can have your own wordings, music and special ceremony provisions and rituals – Unity Chain – a traditional Black Country Wedding will bring you a stylish and unique celebration.

Your Choice of Venue

Your wedding ceremony can take place in your choice of venue, your favourite garden, beach, ‘old’ buildings, pubs or anywhere your heart desires! You are not restricted as you might be if you use a registrar!
I am happy to travel anywhere in the world to ensure that you get exactly the ceremony you want! I will assist you with everything you need to know, suggest ideas based on your lifestyle, budget, and personalities to make it the most bespoke and fitting ceremony and gesture of love that it could possibly be.

This is where I come in – your Black Country Wedding Celebrant

I will help and guide you through all aspects of your wedding ceremony, from the words you say, the vows, the poems or readings that you or your friends recite, right down to the way you exchange your rings.

What is included in the package?

Included in your chosen package will be: One to one meetings, a rehearsal (if included in the package).
You can include as many family and friends to take part in your ceremony. (Up to the permitted amount for your venue).
I will be with you every step of the way for as long as you need me.

My ceremonies are made unique to you and I personally write your ceremony -with you if that’s your wish.

It is not ‘copied’ or from a template – or used from previous ceremonies; I can include a personalised poem in Black Country dialect – if you wish – which makes it a truly bespoke occasion.
You will have a beautifully bound copy of your ceremony,  a certificate on parchment paper (depending on your package) and my undivided attention.

Add Extra Elements

Handfasting, Unity Sand Ceremony, Broom Jumping, Unity Candles, Wishing Well – this is to name just a few of the choices.

Having an ‘Element’ or two adds to the uniqueness of your ceremony. You want your family and friends to remember your special day, not say “yes a lovely wedding” but wow! I won’t forget that wedding in a hurry!

By having elements, did you know you can ‘include’ family and or friends to take part in your ceremony?

Children could take part in a ‘Sand Ceremony’, Mothers’ could take part in a Unity Candle ceremony – the choices are endless!

My new ‘Package’ system now includes choices of Elements, starting with the Bronze with two elements, Gold with four elements or a top Diamond package includes five elements, super parchment certificate and more!


  • Extra Elements:
    Unity Sand Ceremony
    Wine Box  / Love Letter
    Broom Jumping Ceremony
    Rose Ceremony
    Chocolate Box Ceremony
    Dove Release Ceremony
    Hand Wrapping Ceremony / Hand Fasting
    Unity Candle
    First Kiss Last Kiss
    Wishing Well

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